Billionaire politics watch: Mercer resigns, Singer’s GOP troubles & Klarman, Sternlicht diss Trump

Politics is finally catching up with the hedge fund billionaires, as the troubles surrounding the Trump administration continue to build.

IMG_3034 copy mercer
Robert Mercer

After the election, I wrote about the role of Renaissance Technologies co-CEO Robert Mercer, the shadow kingmaker of Trump’s presidency who is also an investor in Breitart News, Cambridge Analytica—which is being dragged into the current Trump/Russia probes– and the sketchy “Clinton Cash” book that falsely alleges a pay to play deal between the Clinton Foundation and a Russia uranium company–and which Republicans want Mueller to investigate.

Today, Mercer resigned his role as co-CEO of Renaissance, and said he was selling his stake in Breitbart to his daughters, including Rebekah, the political firebrand whose name has surfaced in some emails to the CEO of Cambridge Analytica in the Russia probe.

Here’s my story on his resignation and a link to my cover story as well.

Donald Trump’s shadow kingmaker: hedge fund magnate Robert Mercer

Meanwhile, Breitbart CEO Steve Bannon is now at odds with Elliott Management’s Paul Singer, a Republican money man who was a #NeverTrump financier but has tried to make peace with the president in order to get a tax cut.

I wrote a story about his effort to hold the GOP together amid some recent developments.

Fortunately, some Republicans and Republican donors are finally speaking out about Trump, in private at the Robin Hood Investor Conference. My New York magazine scoop lays it out.




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