The end is closer than you think

With the election only 5 days away, the polls have tightened, sending Democrats into fits of anxiety and making Republicans giddy with the prospect of taking back power. Nate Silver’s 538 now gives Hillary Clinton a mere 65% chance of winning, compared with 88% img_2251on Oct. 17. The markets are also worried: The S&P 500 fell for the eighth day in a row, which the Wall Street Journal reports is its longest stretch of declines since October 2008. The S&P 500 has fallen nearly 3%, since Oct. 25. Here’s a New York magazine article I wrote about why Wall Street is so freaked out about a Donald Trump victory, written the last time the polls tightened abruptly, right after Labor Day. It holds even truer today.

Even before nailing the Republican nomination, Trump was already getting support from a few heavy-hitters in finance. My New York magazine story names names. No surprise, a bunch of old white guys.

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