Carl Icahn’s $51.50 solution (Not)

img_2246When the FTC and Herbalife reached the settlement that will force the “not-not-a pyramid scheme” (as FTC Chair Edith Ramirez put it)  to ensure its salespeople actually sell its protein shakes to consumers, investor Carl Icahn quickly got permission to increase his stake in the company, buoying investor confidence that the draconian settlement was actually good news. But wait for it.. .As soon as he could, Icahn quietly started trying to dump his stock. He couldn’t get his block sale of 17 million shares done—and ended up being more of a “stuckholder” than ever before. Here’s my Fortune story on the tic-toc on what went down between him and Bill Ackman, the man famously trying to bring down the “pyramid.”

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