Trouble in the Hamptons Paradise

IMG_2907WHAT IS IT about the Hamptons — home to gorgeous estates, pristine beaches, and quaint villages — that makes people go crazy? Is it the lack of cell service just about everywhere? Every summer, stories abound of drunk revelers trashing houses, crashing cars and getting into fights, occasionally over property lines. Each year, the population of the Hamptons more than triples during the summer to what is now about a quarter of a million people, all on a slim stretch of land less than 50 miles long. That strains everything from septic tanks (the Hamptons has no sewer lines) to nerves.

My investigation into the Hamptons, summer of 2017, found bankers socking out teenagers, restauranteurs complaining about cheapskate customers, a Montauk party scene, and environmental woes galore. It’s a fun read:



IMG_2873 copypollock copy


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